Other grafted plants

Pimelea physodes “Qualup Bells”

Pimelea physodes "Qualup Bell" grafted
Pimelea physodes “Qualup Bell” grafted

This plant is one of Australia’s most spectacular flowering plants and a real attention grabber! The Qualup Bells comes from Western Australia and grows to be about 1 m high x 1 m wide. The ‘flowers’ are actually 60 mm long multi coloured bracts surrounding the flower heads. The plant is a particularly heavy flowerer and gives a continuous spectacular show in autumn and winter.

It tends to be a top-heavy plant especially in wet weather in the flowering season and needs tripod type staking or similar within the branches if in exposed areas. Qualup Bells like protection from the hot afternoon sun, a cool root run and plenty of air movement around the plant. The best mulch for these beautiful plants is eucalypt fines or similar hard mulch.

Prostanthera magnifica

Prostanthera magnifica “Showy Mint Bush” grafted

Australia’s best mint bush is 1.2 m high x 1 m wide has well displayed purple flowers on top of the bush. This plant’s flowers have a large purple calyx which doubles the size of the flower display. It is slightly frost tender,

It is grafted onto a particularly tough Prostanthera rootstock. However as it is a plant from slightly cooler, wetter areas in WA, the plant appreciates having its leaves sprinkled and occasional watering in dry times.

The crushed leaves have a delightful mint aroma. It prefers protection from hot afternoon sun and is best suited to an easterly aspect. The best type of mulch for these beautiful plants is eucalypt fines or similar hard mulch.

Grevillea leptobotrys “Lilac Tangles” grafted

Grevillea leptobotrys "Lilac Tangles" grafted
Grevillea leptobotrys “Lilac Tangles” grafted