Grevillea lanigera “Kangarutha Form”

Commonly know as:
  • Pot Sizes: 150 mm, 200 mm
  • Growth Habitat: SS
  • Flowering Times: WIN

Grevillea lanigera “Kangarutha Form” is a low growing shrub with beautiful pink buds then masses of red flowers in winter.

Grevillea “Kangarutha Form” originates on the Far South Coast of NSW and is a wonderful addition to any garden, flowering on mass from late autumn, through winter into late spring. It looks great planted as a group, or mixed amongst other garden shrubs.

Grevillea lanigera Kangarutha Form

Grevillea “Kangarutha Form” is a wonderful habitat plant, with honeyeaters and native bees swarming to this delightful plant thought out the flowering seasons. The lovely soft green foliage is an added bonus on the occasion that the plant is not in flower.

Grevillea “Kangarutha Form” grows and flowers best in a well drained soil in a full sun position. If the soil is poorly drained a raised garden bed is recommended.

Grevillea “Kangarutha Form” is an easy care, hardy plant tolerating extended dry periods and heavy frost. After establishment in the ground, Grevillea “Kangarutha Form” requires no additional watering.