Myoporum parvifolium “Lime Carpet”

Commonly know as:
  • Pot Sizes: 150 mm
  • Growth Habitat: GC
  • Flowering Times: WIN/SPR/SUM

“Lime Carpet” is a versatile and hardy Aussie ground cover with lush green foliage and featuring masses of white star flowers along the stem of the plant. It is an adaptable species mass flowering throughout winter, spring and summer.

Native bees and butterflies find this wonderful plant hard to resist and congregate en masse though out the flowering season.

“Lime Carpet” looks great planted out as a groundcover amongst other shrubs or mass planted in the landscape for swathes of green and white. It is terrific for stabilising banks and new garden beds as it will take root along the trailing stems binding the soil together and preventing erosion. The aromatic foliage is an added bonus on the occasion that “Lime Carpet” is not in flower.

Myoporum Lime Carpet

“Lime Carpet” grows and flowers best in a full sun position but will tolerate shady conditions. “Lime Carpet” is also hardy in all most every soil type. It is a tough plant tolerating extended dry periods and heavy frost. After establishment in the ground “Lime Carpet” requires no extra watering.

Bred by David Theobold, an Australian plantsman and nature enthusiast.