Actinotus helianthi “Flannel Flower”

Commonly know as: Flannel Flower
  • Pot Sizes: 150 mm
  • Growth Habitat: SS
  • Flowering Times: SPR/SUM

“Flannel Flower” is a excellent example of Australia’s heritage of drought tolerant plants that are versatile enough to be grown on the east coast of Australia.

It is a beautiful iconic Australian garden shrub, a compact perennials with grey-green foliage and a most spectacular display of bright silver/white star flowers which have a “flannel” texture. Originating from the east coast of Australia, it flowers from August though to March. The flowers make an excellent cut flower with an extended vase life. In the garden butterflies and native bees find this delightful plant hard to resist and congregate on mass though out the flowering season. The soft silver foliage is an added bonus when the plant is not in flower.

Actinotus helianthi Flannel Flower
“Flannel Flowers” grow and flower best in a well drained soil with protection from hot afternoon sun and ample air movement around the plant. It will benefit from a protected root run like a generous layer of mulch and responds to the removal of spent flowers to maintain plant shape and encourage a more prolific flowering the following year. If the soil is poorly drained a raised garden bed is recommended. Aternatively it makes a fine large pot specimen, using a premium Australian native potting mix.

“Flannel Flowers” is a hardy plant tolerating dry periods and light frost. After establishment in the ground, “Flannel Flower” requires only minimal watering during extended dry periods.