Antidesma erostre “Wild Currant”

Commonly know as: Wild Currant
  • Pot Sizes: 175 mm
  • Growth Habitat: LS
  • Flowering Times: SPR/SUM

Wild Currant is a small tropical shrub native to north Queensland and New Guinea. Its berries are tart and cranberry-like when young, but develop into dark, sweet fruit as they mature.

In late Summer, Wild Currant berries grow in large, grape-like clusters and ripen unevenly — creating a spectacular ornamental display. Berries start out a pinkish white and darken to red and black as their sweet flavours develop. They can be enjoyed raw or used in jams, jellies, sour sauces, syrups, desserts and wines.

Wild Currant is a hardy plant that handles a range of soil types and will weather light frosts and winds — however its ideal growing conditions are rich, fertile soil and warm, sunny climes.

This species grows small, around 2 to 3 metres in height. With its dark green, glossy leaves, it makes an attractive ornamental plant in the garden or in a pot.