Correa “Little Pink Bells”

Commonly know as:
  • Pot Sizes: 150 mm
  • Growth Habitat: SS
  • Flowering Times: SPR

“Little Pink Belle’” is a wonderful new, small growing hardy hybrid Correa.

During autumn and winter it is smothered in delicate green tipped bright pink pendulous belle’ flowers that hang well displayed at the ends of branches. As an added bonus it is a highly adaptable plant with beautiful aromatic foliage.  Native honeyeaters find this wonderful plant hard to resist and congregate en masse though-out the flowering season. It looks great planted in mixed gardens, makes a wonderful formal hedge when trimmed or as a mass planting to create a swathe of pink bells.

Correa Little Pink Belle

“Little Pink Belle’” grows and flowers best in a well drained soil in a full sun position. If the soil is poorly drained a raised garden bed is recommended. Alternatively “Little Pink Belle’” makes a fine pot specimen, using a premium Australian native potting mix.

“Little Pink Belle’” is a hardy plant tolerating extended dry periods and frosty conditions. After establishment in the ground, “Little Pink Belle” requires no extra watering.