Eucalyptus ficifolia “Dwarf Red” grafted (syn. Corymbia)

Commonly know as: Red Flowering Gum
  • Pot Sizes: 200 mm
  • Growth Habitat: Large shrub/small tree
  • Flowering Times: SUM

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Eucalyptus ficifolia Dwarf Red

Eucalyptus ficifolia “Dwarf Red” is an excellent example of Australia’s heritage of drought tolerant plants that are versatile enough to be grown on the east coast of Australia.

It is a spectacular dwarf selection of the W.A. flowering gum growing to just 3m tall x 3m wide. In summer “Dwarf Red” is smothered in massed trusses of deep fire engine red flowers. The flowering is so prolific it will cover the entire tree. “Dwarf Red” is an ideal specimen or focal point tree for your garden. As well, avenues and street plantings make for a most spectacular show with honeyeaters of all kinds flocking to the irresistible flowers.

“Dwarf Red” grows and flowers best in a well drained soil in a full sun position. It will also tolerate coastal conditions and responds well to the pruning of old gum nuts after flowering to maintain plant shape and encourage a more prolific flowering the following year. If the soil is poorly drained a raised garden bed is recommended. Alternatively “Dwarf Red” make a fine large pot specimen, using a premium Australian potting mix.

“Dwarf Red” is a hardy plant tolerating extended dry periods and light frost. After establishment in the ground “Dwarf Red” requires no extra watering. As with all grafted plants, any growth from below the graft should be pruned back flush with the main stem.